Crystal Stitch Markers
Every stitch you knit or crochet will sparkle and shine with our markers, which have been
specially designed with no sharp edges to catch your yarn.
Our line of wearable tools are perfect for the knitter or crocheter who has it all. Never again find
yourself without the tools needed to finish your project.
Our large markers fit up to a size US15 (10mm) needle, and can be used for
knit or crochet. The feature tiny crystal rhinestones and have no dangling
parts for a sleek, snag free  profile.
Our regular marker may look dainty, but they feature 6mm crystals and fit up
to a size US8 (5mm) needle. These markers work only with knitting and are
carried on the needle. These will be your go-to markers for every project.
Our mini markers are great for small gauge projects. They feature 4mm crystals
and work for both knit or crochet, as they can be carried on the needles or
placed on a stitch. Fit up to size US4 (3.5mm) needle.
Needle Gauge Earrings
Hand crafted, wooden earring that also double as a needle/ hook gauge! From size US1 -
US13, with sizes imprinted on the back (US sizes listed). Super light weight and
Yarn Ball Earrings - Knit & Crochet
Okay, we admit, these are not so functional, but they're just so much fun!
New products - Coming soon!
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